Discover the Buzz Surrounding Camp Dogwood

“All year I looked forward to Camp Dogwood — not knowing what to expect. Never realizing how much this experience would mean to me — before camp, I felt alone with my vision impairment but after being around so many people at camp was very inspiring — much like a spiritual experience — I now feel more confident about my blindness and have been encouraged by other campers and staff — One of my best memories and looking forward to next year.”

– Ryan Renegar

“The staff was great and very helpful and they took the time to be considerate to everyone. We all found we had things in common. It was wonderful being at camp and not having to worry about stuff for a week. The meals were fantastic too, and very filling! We can’t wait until time to go back to camp again!!”

– Christine & Scott Rainwater

“The total package, great for mind, body, and soul. That’s the best way I can describe my camping experience at Camp Dogwood for the Blind. I have attended for two years now and I can’t praise the camp enough, and the facilities are wonderful. The wide spread activities available keep the body moving or if you wish you can simply lead for the week. My favorite aspect of Camp Dogwood is the coming together with the blind from all over NC, meeting and getting to know and fellowshipping with old and new friends, hearing the life stories and challenges is truly fascinating. The staff and food is very warm friendly and very accommodating. Camp Dogwood is the total package. I’ll be back next year and many years to come!”

– Joy Scott

“I love the long relaxed rides with a little bit of music, a little breeze, and just a relaxed ride around the lake.”

– Beverly Colson

“People take all the exuberance and friendships of Camp Dogwood home and the afterglow lasts until the VIP Fishing Tournament in the fall. It allows us to celebrate each other.”

– Jessee Smith

“We enjoyed tubing, cruising the lake on the pontoon boat, miniature golf, horseshoes, playing corn hole, bingo, exercise class, fishing, exploring the library and computer center, and the touchable art gallery, and just talking and laughing with the counselors, campers and volunteers. The fact that we were not the youngest campers didn’t stop us from enjoying the dance one evening either.”

– Tom & Sylvia Serdula

“Our counselors and other staff assured that no camper had unmet needs, including walking us back to our dorm room or wherever we needed to go or provide help with an unmet need. Once, I told a volunteer that I was concerned that my travel toothpaste would not be enough for the week. I only wanted to see if I could buy some at camp. Without a word, he left me and in seconds came back to give me a complimentary new tube!”

– Tim Towery

“The staff and volunteers treat the campers out of this world. I will be back. I feel like family!”

– Lonzo Haynes

90-year-old Ervin Thomas said the Lions Club programs allow “me to meet wonderful people. I really appreciate the Lions providing the opportunities they do.”

– Ervin Thomas

“I love the bowling and Putt-Putt golf!”

– Bonnie Ward