Camp to Retreat: Transitioning to Tranquility

Welcome to our inclusive program designed for adult residents of North Carolina who are blind or visually impaired. To be eligible, applicants should have a minimum visual impairment, defined as a vision of 20/70 with the best correction.

Participants are urged to uphold their self-care, with the option for those needing assistance to bring a caregiver or companion to accompany them at camp.

Emphasizing therapeutic recreation over a care facility setting, our program requires applicants to independently manage tasks, including eating, bathing, dressing, and daily functions. Those requiring personal care assistance must be accompanied by a caregiver. Sight-impaired individuals can also apply to join as caregivers, spouses, companions, legal guardians, or minor children of the camper. Summers at Camp Dogwood offers dedicated on-site nursing support for medication administration, blood sugar, and blood pressure monitoring.

We warmly welcome blind or visually impaired youth with a parent/guardian, including campers with service dogs. Limited availability for individuals outside North Carolina, with special pricing options.

Weekly Sessions

Embark on a refined experience with our seven weekly overnight sessions, tailored to accommodate up to 70 campers per session. Arrival is scheduled on Sundays between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, with departure by 10:00 AM on Thursdays, ensuring a seamless and well-organized program.

Comfortable Stays and Restful Lodging


Enjoy a two-person guestroom, inclusive of all meals and activities. While room requests aren’t guaranteed, you can specify a roommate or have one assigned to you if none is chosen.



On your arrival Sunday evening, join an orientation session introducing staff and campers. Starting Monday, tailor your experience, participating as much or as little as you desire. Your time here is entirely directed by you.



amp Dogwood’s boating and water activities are inclusive and accommodating, ensuring everyone can enjoy Lake Norman with confidence and comfort.

Art & Crafts


Daily craft sessions offer a variety of options, with counselors and volunteers available for assistance. Craft your masterpiece or choose from our selection.

Off-Campus Trips


Lazy 5 Ranch

Participate in off-campus trips that vary each session, potentially including shopping, movies, museums, and bowling.

Other Entertainments


Dive into a variety of entertainment at Camp Dogwood, including musical performances, camper-produced talent shows, themed dances, and engaging activities like Bingo, trivia contests, and karaoke hosted by local Lions clubs. Explore diverse topics through insightful speaker sessions to enrich your overall camp




Where the fun begins and memories last a lifetime – your adventure starts at Camp!