What We See

Our mission is to offer essential support and assistance to the blind and visually impaired community in North Carolina, fostering independence, inclusion, and an enhanced quality of life.


Arial view showcasing Camp Dogwood campus: dormitories, Joyce Lodge, Stickley building, and waterfront.

Discover Camp Dogwood, an inclusive retreat on the shores of Lake Norman, NC, empowering individuals with visual challenges. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed for accessibility, offering a therapeutic oasis blending nature’s beauty with tailored programs. Nestled near the North Carolina Lions Foundation Headquarters, our camp integrates seamlessly into a broader mission of empowerment.


Camp Dogwood cultivates a strong sense of community and personal exploration by providing distinctive activities aimed at personal development and authentic connections. We honor individuals for their talents rather than focusing on their limitations.

Our space encourages breaking down barriers, conquering obstacles, and fully embracing life’s diversity in an environment that exceeds conventional standards. Experience an enriching retreat where resilience, bravery, and limitless possibilities are cherished. Camp Dogwood: where empowerment intersects with camaraderie.

Join us in building a community where everyone discovers strength, happiness, and a deep sense of inclusion!


A counselor and camper enjoying the waterfront together.