Elegant Residences & Amenities in Nature’s Embrace

Welcome to our 65-acre campus, a haven in woodlands and pastures, nestled along a serene lakefront.

Joyce Lodge

The waterfront lodge serves as the epicenter of camp life, housing essential facilities like the camp office, dining room, and primary indoor activity space!

Residence Halls

Indulge in comfort in our three lodges, each featuring guestrooms equipped with two full-size beds, individual cooling/heating, and a private bath.

Lounge areas and screened-in porches enhance your stay, offering amenities such as a microwave, refrigerator, TV, and all necessary sheets and towels. Additionally, each room comes with a mini-fridge, and TV/cable, and various rooms are equipped with handicap-accessible showers.


Rec Center: Games and Exercise Zone

Immerse yourself in our recreation haven designed for both fun and fitness!


Miniature Golf Experience

Engage in a sensory-rich mini-golf adventure for all abilities.


Guided Nature Trail

Connect with nature through a guided trail experience, featuring tactile guidance.


Picnic Pavilion by the Lake

Savor the tranquility of lakeside picnics at our accessible pavilion.


Inclusive Waterfront Activities

Dive into a multisensory waterfront experience with boating, tubing, fishing, and swimming.


Accessible Library/Media Center

Explore a world of knowledge with our inclusive media center, equipped with braille and audio materials, adaptive software, and more.


Relaxation on Porches

Unwind and socialize on our screened porches, complete with comfortable rocking chairs for a delightful sensory experience.


Dining Delights

Indulge your taste buds with our inclusive dining services, ensuring a flavorful and accessible culinary experience.